Persuasion – Jane Austen

A very delightful read! If anyone is in need of a light-hearted love story, give this a try, but do have patience for the long windedness and the so very long sentences.

My first Jane Austen read. Yes, i got through my Victorian exam with dramas, poetry and only one novel. Not proud of it – my lecturer would have been very mortified indeed, at the fact that i had never read a single Jane Austen then; he was such a fan – but it was all that i could managed at that point.

Anyway, back to the book, the strong streak of can-die-but-cannot-lose-face mentality throughout the book is a great amusement in itself, for the people lose much more “face” in attempting to preserve it. The silliness of it all! Yet they appear not to know it. The idiots.

The love story – with its little acts of anger, jealousy and pride – has very little surprises but yet the expected ending does provide much satisfaction to me. I like it when the characters are flustered at the unexpected sight of each other. I like it more when the characters try so hard to be in view of each other and then try even harder to act nonchalant. A battle of poker faces, i would think.

In an era where people write letters and travel in carriages, it takes a great deal of effort just to get near a person. Naturally, when one finally gets to see or talk to the person, due attention and sincere affection are given. And hence, the mutual attraction. Lovely!