The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

As i finally started on this book, someone commented that there was no point in reading this now. I beg to differ as i feel that a good book should be timeless, and able to impart something new to all readers reading it in different years – be it a tiny landscape detail, a different perspective, or simply some general knowledge.

I already know that this would be a sad story but was unprepared to read about the raping of a boy as an act of bullying by an older boy. This left me feeling disturbed for a while. I had been wondering how badly the boy would be beaten up but did not expect such perverted act. I do realise this horror is still common in some parts of the world.

The type of realisation makes many problems i face and hear of, appear like grains of sand in a desert. So, do pardon me if i appear nonchalant at times. Because these so-called problems can usually be fixed, if you put your heart to it. You just need to make the hard decision and “pay a price” for it. Life is such that very few people are in a position to have their cake and eat it.

A fresh perspective on guilt was opened up to me here; that a guilty person takes it out on the very same people he feels bad towards. This explains a lot. Really a lot.

The storyline is engaging but the form of it is too dry for my liking. I am more used to reading multiple narratives and at least two timelines concurrently. I got bored with the many trivialities – at times, repeated – that do not contribute to the main storyline.

In summary, i had to put deliberate effort to finish the book but i gain something out of it.