The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

I know this belongs to bestseller category. One friend commented it felt like the novel was trying too hard to create suspense. Another friend gave up after finishing 1/3 of it, as she had Crime and Punishment (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky) in mind. I had to read it for myself.

I struggled to feel the suspense in the book. The only reason for clearing it is i did not wish to leave it half done. A far cry from my recent experience with Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki, i would say.

Most of the time i was reading the mind of a drunkard, trying to recall what she had done the previous night. Nothing much. Just a broken person trying hard to be part of a mystery, which was not even a mystery in the first place, if she wasn’t a drunkard.

And the association with trains? Sigh…


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