Some pocket money, sounds good honey?

Earn some money by just participating in online surveys. Sounds familiar? Easy money at your fingertips you think? I decided to try it out and like always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Most surveys do not reward participants with cash per survey. Points have to be accumulated for redemption of vouchers. There is only one site I came across so far that rewards cash per survey but I deactivated my account after a few tries as I was always kicked out for not being eligible after a few questions. What kind of profile were they looking for I wonder?

Next, to accumulate the points will take a long time. For instance, a minimum of 500 points is required to exchange for a NTUC $10 voucher. Each survey at most gives you 150 points and that kind of survey will take about 30 minutes on average to complete. Don’t get too happy if you see the “thank you” message after 5 minutes because that would mean that you are kicked out! Yes, eligibility issue again. And for that 5 minutes spent, you may just get a pathetic 5 points or sometimes only 1.

Even after doing enough surveys and accumulating enough points, you will still need to wait for the voucher to reach you. I am still waiting for my NTUC $10 voucher redeemed on 19June2014. I have sent in a few complaints, but all they replied was that they have contacted the vendor. So to avoid being “unpaid”, my next redemption was for PayPal cash but more points are required to get the same $10 value in your PayPal account.

Hence my verdict is – it is really a waste of time. Eligibility will always be an ambiguous issue (by which you have already spent some time in answering some questions), accumulation of sufficient points will always take a long time (due to eligibility and length of surveys), and successful redemption of vouchers is not even guaranteed. Unless you really have time to waste, you are better off doing a part-time job with an hourly rate.