Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – J. K. Rowling

Dumbledore is finally dead. I have put off this book for years because I wanted to delay his death. A bit of regret on this decision though, as I believe I would have enjoyed this book much more before my 3 years of literature study. My level of appreciation for such fiction books has decreased significantly now; I am sure my peers would understand.

Anyway, Book 4 (Goblet of Fire) is still the best. Books 5 and 6 seriously pale in comparison. Maybe the increased thickness was done too deliberately (overwhelmed with triviality but not with a greater mysterious plot), or perhaps major deaths are not my idea of children’s books (yes, I know these are not, but to me, they are). When I started out on Book 1, it was mainly to transport myself into a fairytale-like realm, where all things are supposed to end well, and that goodness will always triumph over evil. By the end of Book 4, it was getting a little too serious and realistic but I still take the death as an accidental one. After Book 5, I was pretty much reluctant to carry on, but the streak of stubbornness in me couldn’t give up on the series.

So now that I am done with Book 6, one more book to go and I will be done with Harry Potter, for good.


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